Large Volume Weighers

Ideal for products handled in bulk, such as frozen foods, pet food, salad leaves and vegetables, the larger volumes can speed up production while adeptly handling the size and weight of your application.

This weigher’s large hopper capacity increase the efficiency of expanding production lines, removing the need for additional manual labour.

Product Description

With our large volume weigher, you get:

  • Individual hopper volumes of up to 7l, discharging a little over 15L product per cycle, and load cells capable of handling up to 5 kg per cycle
  • A breadth of choice in machine variations, from 10 to 20-head machines, booster hoppers and two discharge sites, according to your application and overall production speeds
  • A structural design based on resilience and power, equipped with 5 mm stroke feeders, a higher capacity stepper motor and an IP69K compliance
  • Flexible product adaptability, compatible with an optional mixing device for improved performance with salad leaves, or an optional screw feeder for conveying softer products